The continuous passive motion (CPM) machine and total knee replacement surgery

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The knee is the largest joint in the body; it joins the thigh with the lower leg. Each knee bears half the weight of the body. We depend on our knees to go about all our day-to-day activities. A smooth layer of cartilage, which allows for movement and rotation, covers the lower part of the thigh-bone (femur) and the upper part of the shin-bone (tibia).

The underside of the kneecap or patella is also covered in cartilage. This allows it to slide in the groove on the front of the femur. If these surfaces are eroded due to injury or wear, they become rough and uneven. The joints can no longer move smoothly. This friction of the bones causes extreme discomfort and pain, making it very difficult to walk or climb stairs. A total knee replacement removes the damaged joint and replaces it with an artificial joint. The operation is a standard procedure, which can take between one and three hours in the theatre.

Physical therapy is a very important part of the rehabilitation process after a total knee replacement and can begin as soon as 48 hours after surgery. The continuous passive motion (CPM) machine is a device that can speed up the rate of recovery during this first phase of rehabilitation.

The operated leg is attached to the CPM machine, which slowly and continuously moves the leg through a range of movements while the patient relaxes. The machine can be administered for hours at a time.

The gentle manipulations by the CPM machine can help prevent joint stiffness, which is a persistent problem after surgery. It can also help decrease swelling and pain as well as reduce scarring. There is also evidence to suggest that patients who use CPM following knee replacement surgery are less likely to require knee manipulation, where the patient’s knee has to be forced into flexion under general anaesthesia.

Medical billing and coding salary – Why it has gone up significantly in recent past?

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Medical billing and coding salary: Are you looking for a legitimate work from home opportunity or want to work in hospital, clinic, or with medical professionals? , the medical billing and coding job is the right choice. The demand of medical billers and coders has gone up significantly in recent years and also the salary structure. According to stats, the average medical billing and coding salary falls in the range of $20000 to $40000 depending on education, training undergone, experience and various other factors.


The average medical billing and coding salary is much higher. It is comparable with Pharmacy technician to due to the fact that the healthcare market is expending very quickly and less people are opting to make career as medical biller or coder. If we talk about medical billing coding profession particularly, the salary of medical billing and coding salary goes even higher depending upon the specialised education one has taken, years of experience, training undergone. Obviously one with master degree will have higher salary than someone with bachelor degree.

What is your job profile being a medical biller or a medical coder?

The role of medical coders is to assign alphanumeric codes to the processes, documentations, treatments, tests etc.  However the job profile of medical biller is to bill insurance providers, patients and other bodies for the services rendered. Since medical billers and coders have to play with lot of codes, they need to have good memory power to remember all the codes.

Where do you get a job after completing medical billing and coding training?

After completing training program, one can easily find job at Hospitals, Clinic or in other healthcare settings.  One can work with healthcare professionals as well like physician, surgeons etc. You can also chose to work as freelance medical biller and coder as there are lot of healthcare professionals who don’t like to hire biller or coder permanently and like to go with freelancers.

Where Can I Get A Job as a medical biller or billing specialist?

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Medical billing and coding specialist

As we have seen that there is a boom in the healthcare industry simultaneously there is a great vaccum for medical representative who can help professional medical providers to regulate their billing cycle to insurance companies. Many times medical providers find it impossible to keep track of their bills and medical records and make a loss to their business. Therefore, they prefer to outsource medical transcription jobs and medical billing jobs to individual who are willing to take medical billing and coding careers seriously.Medical billing and coding specialist

Due to resource shortage with knowledge there is a huge vaccum created in healthcare industry and there are thousands of medical transcription jobs and medical billing jobs available for individuals with very little training in medical field and certification from a renowned institute of medical billing and coding.

If you go through any of the employment websites you will find many professional hunting for medical assistant. Moreover, to add to your surprise medical billing and coding salary is quite decent in comparison to other profession in similar league. Any medical assistant can easily make $50,000 yearly.

To develop medical billing and coding careers it is not a compulsion to work through office. An individual can even freelance from home and have a purposeful career too. All you need is good networking skill and potential to be consistent while providing work to your client. While working as medical billing executive from home you can enjoy good salary and still have flexibility in working hours as per requirement. So don’t hesitate because it is a recession proof career and you will never see a downfall in the industry under any circumstance.

Medical billing and coding schools – Make career in healthcare industry

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Medical billing and coding school

Most medical professional looking to hire medical assistant for medical billing and coding careers prefer to hire people with certification from Medical Billing and Coding Schools. In this procedure they directly get to hire professional with the right aptitudes needed for medical transcription jobs.Medical billing and coding school

To develop a medical billing and coding careers two years of conventional medical program for billing and coding is required which can be acquired online through any renowned medical billing and coding school such as the American Training Center. The course requires high proficiency and organizational skills to elevate knowledge for oneself. It prepares the individual to be prepared for challenges faced while day to day working as medical coder and billing executive in the industry. So, before you start running a medical billing and coding business from home you need to be acquainted with a few things.

  • Networking is the most important key to attract potential and prospective clients so try and build a strong association through friends and family working in medical billing and coding careers so that you can be introduced with medical professionals.
  • Use direct advertisement techniques to exhibit your professional certification, experience and fees to improve your client base as it proves to be the key pillar of your business enterprise.
  • Concentrate and be focused towards medical billing jobs because as medical billing and coding salary is comparatively high in comparison to other similar professions you need to be precise and consistent in your work.

You need to consistently follow the above mentioned tips to build a career in Medical billing and coding and then nothing can stop you from achieving success in life.

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